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BlahBlah is a community of thinkers, artists, geeks, and creative types with opinions. One way or another (often out of boredom) we have found our way here for no reason, yet have stuck around because the real reason really matters.

We make BlahBlah what it becomes. We do it daily.

Hang out and listen to Radio BlahBlah, play some Forum Games, visit the Arcade for Flash Games, make and share Music, go to your Chat Rooms, have some fun with the Drawboard and submit your own Comic to the Gallery!


The internets have specific requirements about how your browser handles cookies in accordance with sponsors and their contracts with services like BlahBlah. If you really wish to acquire some cookies it's best simply to state, "I would like some cookies".

When formed as a question, such as "Do you have any cookies ?", the internets will see this as an invitation that you, in fact, may be offering cookies.

Which is fine, but then you also have to promote something like juice or cheese. Juice is really best these days but the cheese can stand alone so, cheese is always a safe bet. Sometimes it just depends on the members. BB members vary so that makes it kinda tough but grape and apple juice seem to be popular right now.

Think of it this way, if you were going around in public saying "I've got the juice", then EVERYBODY's gonna know that you've got juice. You may not want everyone to know so it's better to say "did somebody say something about cookies ?" It means the same thing but, this way, if you dont want to share your juice with one of these ppl you can then say, "I dont have juice, I was just looking for cookies".

"Are you looking for juice?" sorta sounds like you offer cookies in addition to juice. This one is used in close circles and is best if you only use it with ppl you trust. Sometimes it's best to just stick with cookies and let the juice come to you.

Unlike cookies, if you come right out and say "I want some juice!" you could be asking for trouble.

Damn the juice.

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