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How Can You Check Insta Stalker

Instagram has become a multipurpose platform and users can use this according to its own requirements and needs. However, stalking still becomes a prominent purpose of using Instagram.

Although people run their business online and for marketing they use Instagram. But stalkers stalk Instagram to catch their favorite people whether they are some celebrity, influencer, or their ex. However, there is still one category that is anxious for knowing about its stalkers. 

If you are having a business profile then you can conveniently guess your stalker as this type of account has provided you the info about the viewer's count and with the Instagram insight you can check out the visitors who daily viewed your posts from the last 7 days. In short, you can get the viewer's statistics but you can’t catch your stalker directly. 

In reality, there is not any unique option for users to detect their stalkers. Yes! I accept it's really creepy but this is a reality because Instagram doesn't allow users to directly catch their stalkers. But no worries! I can share my knowledge with you and guide you in some ways to reach your stalker. Let's see what they are.

Ways to Identify Your IG Stalker

• Go for some Third-party applications like Social View, Insta Mutual, IG analyzer, or Visitors Pro app. Some of them are free but some are paid. From these apps, you can catch your stalker as they provide you the stats of frequent visitors.  

• The second option is your IG story. Now you have an option to check out the profile of story viewers. Otherwise previously you can just see the viewers count. You can also identify the stalker who regularly comes to your profile and comment on your post. 

• If someone floods your inbox with messages then there are high chances that he or she is definitely your stalker. However, there are many people who stalk secretly. 

If someone harasses you or disturbs you, then you can easily change your privacy settings from a public account to a private account. You can also threaten your stalker if he is doing some inappropriate things.

Otherwise being a public figure, there is no need to be curious regarding stalkers. I hope this information would be useful to you. You can share your concerns in the comment section.