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I'm looking for help.

This isn't a large operation. There's no money involved, just notoriety. Anyone know Wordpress and stuff and wants to help? let me know!

sadly i do not know wordpress.... my understanding though is thst it is rather simple to learn.... 

All of the UI/UX that was done to BlahBlah is based off of WordPress using strict standard xhtml (html5), css and php includes for functions.  Back then WordPress didn't have a CMS or a visual Media Library so you had to install it on the server backend yourself and then build a theme off of their style sheets.  I somehow managed to incorporate that with the phpbb format and it worked.

I'm still building WordPress themes today and in fact I'm teaching an Entrepreneurship class this semester that includes learning to use WordPress (which is also something that I've offered to design clients since they introduced the CMS).

I'd like to help with the function part of it but also to incorporate the bb brand again.  I recently made some hashtag observations that could help boost the Blah awareness.  I still visit the site and the database but always wish that others could be enjoying it too.

I know this and that about database stuff but I may also be able to help with figuring out how to get the old forums integrated.  Most of all I would just love to hang out with you guys again.  Where and when shall we meet?!?