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I have grown so tired of lazy assed programmers! There are so many little awsome functions that are so easy to implement that aren't! They constantly take quality programming and remove features until what's left is a husk built of the fewest number of billable hours that can be devoted to a project. So many cut corners. I feel that it's because in the beginning of programming, it was done by "smart" people. Now anyone can go to school and pass a couple of classes and know how to program, but not have any sort of vision or desire to make their programming shine! It's now become easier for those of simple mind to learn to program. They overlook and miss these features because, while they can program, it takes them a while so for the number of hours they can work on a project limits what they can do with their code. Someone of higher intelligence can zip through snippets of code and implement so many more features. It's becoming easier and easier to see the differences in programs/programing interfaces I use every day.


Maybe it's idiocracy in action?

i feel this is the trend movig through all the computer based fields. This is the primary reason i never went into the field i studied in school. My classmates were all complete dolts who thought that just because it was "computers" they could do anything. Sure graphic design is not the most complicated thing but even still i watched project after project get turned in and even praised..... It seems today if it can be done on a computer any dolt can go to school for it and become an "expert"